***NEW: Pellet Grill Hopper Shelf and Spice Rack!

Create 2X-3X extra space on pellet grill for meat, veggies, utensils, sauces, drinks, etc.

  • Fits 90% of pellet grills on the market including most makes of Traeger®, Louisiana Grills®, Pit Boss® and GMG® among others.

  • Hopper access without removing shelf. Easy ON/OFF with super strong neodymium magnets. Convenient for cleaning!

  • Powdered coated, heavy duty steel construction.

  • Add almost same space as front shelf for half the price. Can be used in addition to front shelves.


Pellet Grill Drip Pan & Bucket Liners/Inserts

Fast cleanup for slow cooking!

Fits most makes from Traeger®,  Cabelas®, Camp Chef®, RecTec® and Green Mountain Grills®.

We are the ORIGINAL drip pan/bucket liner company--and our liners work so much better than our competitor.  COMPARE HERE!

Our Drip Pan Inserts fit over 85% of pellet grills sold today including the most popular models/sizes of pellet grills from the two largest manufacturers: Traeger® and Green Mountain Grills®Standard Size inserts fit manufactures such as Traeger®,  Cabelas®, Camp Chef®, and RecTec®. Our GMG® sized pans are designed to fit exclusively the Jim Bowie, Daniel Boone and (NEW) Davy Crockett!!!

Fast cleanup for slow cooking!™  Drip EZ Drip Pan Inserts™ and Drip EZ Drip Bucket Inserts™ make dealing with grease fast, clean and easy! 

Where to buy in stores

Drip EZ Inserts will are found in nearly 1000 locations! Use the store locator to find our products near you!


You can find our products at:

The convenience of Drip Pan Inserts! 

drip ez BBq


We create innovative bbq products that are safe, smart and convenient!  Our patent-pending Pellet Grill Inserts/Liners make a messy, time consuming job quick and easy. We are the original liner/insert company--and our products are superior in design and use! Don't settle for a brand-name, inferior product!  We've added the Hopper Shelf and BBQ Spice Rack which give you nearly 3X the room for bbq tools, sauces, spice/rubs, etc. It solves the "space" issue on most pellet grills!  And, our E-Z Out Spatula is the only spatula on the market that lets you deal with small grease flare-ups safely and quickly.  It's a must have in any grilling situation--especially for gas grill users--and anyone who tailgates.  Try Drip EZ today!

Did You Know?

New Drip EZ Drip Bucket inserts make excellent containers for leftover BBQ meat...just fold the flaps and put in the fridge! When done using for temporary meat storage...then use as you normally would to catch grease in your bucket! Fast, Clean, and E-Z!

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