EZ Out FAQ's

Is salt really effective at putting out fires?  Yes!!!  Salt is used in many fire retardants and has been used for a long time on grease fires.  

Do I need to fill the salt cartridge for the spatula to work well?  Nope...it's a high quality, heavy duty, extra-long spatula that you'll love using on your grill even without filling the salt cartridge. The salt cartridge is there for flare-ups that begin to get out of control and is a proprietary aspect of our spatula that adds a unique layer of safety while you grill.  You'll love the feel and performance of this spatula either way!

Can I use other types of seasoning salts? Fine, granulated table salt is the best at putting out grease flare-ups, but other seasoning salts (ie. garlic salt) can be used as long as the salt content is high.

Can I wash the handle or put it in the dishwasher? It is recommend that the salt cartridge/handle only be hand washed.  It is important to let it dry throughly on the inside and out and make sure flip lid foam is dry before refilling with salt.  The metal portion of the spatula is dishwasher safe.

What if salt clumps together due to moisture intrusion? You can add rice grains but please note this will probably preclude your use for seasoning meat/veggies.  In high humidity areas we recommend that spatula be stored indoors if possible.  

Is handle flame and/or heat resistant? The handle is made from nylon and can resist temperatures up to about 450F.  The handle should be kept from direct flame contact.

Will salt ruin my grill? If left on burners, etc, salt can cause corrosion over long periods of time.  Most grills will "wear out" before that time.  Also, please note that if you encounter a grease flare up and use the salt to extinguish it, then it is an indication that your grill needs cleaning.  The salt you dispersed  will actually help you do this better.  Salt has been used for thousands of years as a cleaning product and in the case of grease, it will actually absorb much of the grease making your grill easier to clean!  Always clean your grill according to your manufacturers instructions.

E-Z Out Spatula

"Flare-ups out, flavor on!"


The E-Z OUT SPATULA will change the way you grill!  No more burned food from uncontrollable flare-ups...no more near fires that stop your cook!  This revolutionary spatula is unique in its ability to safely control small flare ups while you cook!  The E-Z OUT SPATULA is longer and stronger than most bbq spatula's on the market...and the only one that can help you in the moment when an unexpected flare up happens! 

It is simply a great spatula to use everyday on your grill!!!

  • Stop flare ups before they become fires

  • Removable and refillable salt cartridge handle--use salt only as needed

  • Water and heat resistant material

  • Easy to fit metal spatula in dishwasher

  • Durable and strong 430 stainless steel spatula

  • Makes cleanup of grease out of grill easier--salt absorbs and clumps the grease

  • Season food with spatula while grilling

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